The Gibson County Jail launched a new way to visit inmates on May 7th, 2014.

Instead of needing to come to the jail, sign in, and wait in line to see an inmate, you can now pre-schedule a visit!  ALL visits will now take place over a computer screen, rather than individual booths with each person on one side of the glass.

The best part - you don't even need to come to the Gibson County Jail to visit - you can do it from the comfort of your own home!  You'll just need a computer with a webcam, as well as a high speed Internet connection, and to set up an account with Securus.

Visiting from home is the easiest method - you can work around your schedule and set an appointment that works for you.  Coming to the Jail is also an option, although you will still need to make an appointment like you would if you were visiting from home.

All AT HOME visitors will need to sign up with Securus and be approved by the Jail staff before being able to set appointments to visit an inmate.  In most cases, accounts are approved by the next business day, but may take longer.

To SCHEDULE a visit, please visit the Securus page located HERE.  You can also set appointments from our visitation kiosks any time as well.  Keep in mind that visits may be scheduled ahead, so you could have to scroll through multiple weeks to find an available slot sometimes.  Each inmate only gets one visit per week for on-site visits.  Visits from home are unlimited, and can be scheduled almost anytime, not just during the specific on-site visit hours.

For additional information, please see the FAQ on the video visitation HERE.

To view the Securus Video Visitataion Brochure with some basic information, click HERE.

For any problems signing up, or problems with the service, you need to contact Securus directly at 1-877-578-3658 or online at

For Visitation Hours, click HERE.

Gibson County Jail does not recommend a particular brand or model of webcam, or store to buy one, but they are commonly found in any electronics stores, such as Best Buy, Walmart,, Radio Shack, etc.  Many laptops even have them built in right above the monitor.

Typically, you can buy one for around $30.  If you need assistance choosing one, or installing it on your computer, please contact the device manufacturer, or a computer repair professional.

Video Visitation Kiosk