Buy a car from Muensterman Motors in Haubstadt and having problems getting your title? You're not alone!
Unfortunately, there's very little the Sheriff's Office can do as a law enforcement agency since the issue is a civil problem.

You must first send a letter demanding your title to Muensterman Motors.  Send this as a Certified Letter with a Return Receipt through the Post Office to:
Muensterman Motors
10301 S 150 E
Haubstadt, IN 47639

 They will have 10 days to respond to the letter.  If they don't respond, then contact the Secretary of State and Attorney General to file a complaint.

It's best to keep copies of all your correspondence and mailing receipt as well.


The Secretary of State complaint form is located at


The Attorney General's web site with more information is located at


For further information, please contact Sheriff Ballard at (812) 385-3496 ext 1426.