Effective 10/23/13, we have a new commissary system in place.

Tiger Correctional Services is our new commissary provider.  You now have more ways to leave money for an inmate.
You can leave cash or swipe a debit/credit card in a kiosk in our lobby.

There is a $200 limit on cash transactions, and a $150 limit on debit/credit transactions.

Tiger Kiosk

You can also leave money online, or even buy certain items for an inmate!

To do this, go to the Tiger website HERE

On the site, fill in the information as follows:
State: Indiana

County/Parish: Gibson IN 

Facility: Gibson County Detention Center

Select Web Deposits to add money to an inmate account

Select Commissary Ordering to order specific items for an inmate.


Select the inmate you want to leave money for or purchase items for.

Tiger Commissary Logo

Phone Cards:

Phone cards may be purchased for inmates from a machine in our lobby.  Cards are available in $10 (20 minutes) and $20 (40 minutes) versions. 

After purchasing a card, write the inmates name on the card and insert it in the slot near the bottom of the machine.

Cards are picked up from the machine and distributed to inmates on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (excluding holidays).

Inmates can also purchase phone cards on commissary.